Staff Leader / Ideologist

Dmitri Soshnikov has PhD degree in Computer Science from Moscow Aviation Technical University, and IB from United World College of the Adriatic. As the leader of MAILabs Laboratory he directs a number or scientific research projects in the field of distributed knowledge representation and reasoning. Dmitri is the author of more than 30 publications, including a monograph on using distributed production-frame knowledge represenation for knowledge sharing and reuse, as well as the number of papers at domestic and international conferences.

Team Leader

Alexander Sidorkin is a graduate student of Moscow Aviation Technical University, taking an active interest in Computer Science and Software Engineering, AI in particular. At free time he is learning the basics of project management and elocution. Alexander also enjoys photographing and playing table tennis.


Sergey Mikhanov has graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute and is now doing postgraduate studies. He defines his global task as "To be on the frontier. Always.", and this is the reason why he is in Computer Science. The most attractive areas includes development of systems that are using new technologies in a non-obvious way. Besides Computer Science, Sergey interested in cinema as an object for aesthetic cult and foreign languages as a natural way to let himself think different.

Chief Architect

Alexander Tolochenko is a third year student of Moscow Aviation Institute. He is deeply interested in problems of Artificial Intelligence and takes delight in working at MAILabs. Moreover, he plays Ultimate rather well.



Alexey Ukolov is a student of the third course of Moscow Aviation Technical University. His constitutional bias towards formalizing everything in his sight predetermined the passion for artificial intelligence and programming. In Olive! Project he has responsible for multy-user video conferencing capability.

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